Our competitive consumer loan programs have flexible and affordable terms with a variety of payment options. We offer you the borrowing choices that suit your needs. Plus, you receive the same personalized one-on-one service traditional at Lusitania.

Auto Loans New or Used

  • Get the car you want with payments that fit your budget.
  • Quick approvals.
  • Loans offered up to 90% of vehicle purchase price/market value.
  • 100% financing for qualified applicants.
  • Flexible refinance terms available.

Personal Loans

Our personal loans are available as either a personal line of credit, where you pay interest only on the amount that you use, or as a more traditional personal loan with a fixed rate and regular payments.

  • Personal Line of Credit: pay interest only on the amount of the credit line you use. This product gives you the financial flexibility to handle unforeseen expenses as they come up.
  • Personal Loan: features a fixed rate and a regular payment term. This product is perfect for when you already know how much you need.

Account Loans

Account loans are simple, fast loans that use your savings or certificate of deposit account as collateral. This product offers great rates and the convenience of extra purchasing power or available funds as you need them.

  • Loan balance may not exceed 90% of the balance of the savings or certificate of deposit account used as collateral
  • Deposit/CD account funds becomes available as the loan balance is repaid

Personal and Business Overdraft Protection Program

Helping you avoid overdrafts!

Financial Protection
Overdraft protection is a pre-approved, unsecured loan used to cover your checking account if you should ever overdraw on the account. It’s designed to end checking account overdraft complications and embarrassing delays. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that checks from your checking account will be covered today, even if you can only take your deposit to the bank next week.

Financial Freedom
This Overdraft Protection Program and your checking account will become a personal loan account. It’s the freedom of having a reserve fund at your command.

Investigate the possibilities
Apply today! This convenience costs nothing until you decide to use it. Simply contact our loan department and we’ll be glad to talk with you about the ways to access your credit line, discuss finance charges, payment schedules and your personal credit loan limit.

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Loan Coordinator
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Loan Processor
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Loan Processor
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*IMPORTANT This is not a secured/encrypted form and may be intercepted and read by someone other than the intended recipient. Please do not send personal sensitive information via email. Further we do not process any requests via email for funds transfers, stop payments, or any other financial transactions.