Here at Lusitania, we frequently get asked about the origin of our name. Those who ask are often surprised to hear that the name has nothing to do with the early 20th century ocean liner. Instead, the name “Lusitania” refers to an ancient Roman province that was established under the rule of Augustus, the first Emperor of the Roman Empire, in 27 B.C. The “Lusitania” province encompassed much of what in modern times is known as the Iberian Peninsula, including most of what is today the nation of Portugal. “Lusitania” continues to be widely recognized as an alternative term for referring to Portugal and the related term “lusophone” is used to refer to an individual who speaks the Portuguese language.

Today, Lusitania Savings Bank proudly continues to use the “Lusitania” name as reminder of the institution’s heritage as a credit union founded more than 38 years ago in the heart of the Portuguese community of Newark, N.J.